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Bespoke French Courses

A private French course "sur mesure" to fit you exactly whatever your goals.

A Bespoke programme can be tailored to suit your particular goals and schedule whether learning French for pleasure or travel, or for work in a French business environment. Tuition is given either at your central London location or at our teaching centre.

With one to one tuition, unlike group classes, you can reschedule lessons that you might otherwise miss due to some unforeseen business event for example. All you have to do is tell us 48 hours in advance that you cannot make a lesson and it will be rescheduled to another day and time. Further, there is a four week overshoot period to each one to one contract for tuition to take such rescheduled lessons that could not be fitted in before the original end date. So, a lot of flexibility to ensure busy people get all their lessons. And if you have to travel then just tell us beforehand and we will put it in the timetable. Lessons do not have to be every week. The timetable - day, time, and frequency - is whatever suits you. Lessons are as long as you want subject to a 90 minute minimum.

You can have a course in general French or, if you already speak French, a course directed at some specific business area or specialised subject matter or prepare for a recognised qualification in French.

Corporate training

Tuition can be held in-company or at our school. Employees can sit an exam at the end of training and the employer can receive written progress reports. We come to your company to assess staff wanting French, discuss course objectives, and advise on forming groups.

For times when you have to travel or cannot otherwise attend a lesson then you can keep your course going by having a lesson with your tutor using Skype.


There is no VAT on our prices and teaching materials are included when 18 hours or more are booked. For shorter bookings you may need to purchase a book. Rates per hour are:

If you come to us
If we come to you
One to one tuition
Groups of 3 to 8
Groups of 9 or more

Terms & Conditions - Private Tuition

These terms and conditions shall govern all tuition we provide you, the student and/or the company, and by accepting and enrolling onto our course, and in consideration of the tuition services we will provide to you or your staff, you agree to the terms set out below (which are legally binding).

In these conditions "we" or "our" refers to the Alliance Française de Londres and "you" to the individual or company that is booking private tuition.

  1. The Alliance Française de Londres will supply teaching materials. A course book is included free of charge if 20 hours or more are booked (per student) but for shorter bookings costs £20.
  2. During the term of the contract, students have free access to Alliance Française de Londres facilities – video club and library – located at 1 Dorset Square, London NW1 6PU - but a refundable deposit is required for lending.
  3. Fees are payable in full before tuition starts. Alliance Française de Londres reserves the right to cancel the course in the event you fail to pay the fees in full before your first lesson.
  4. Lessons must be booked in advance in blocks (as agreed with us). On confirmation of your booking you commit to attend all the lessons subject to your right to suspend or reschedule a lesson in accordance with the terms below.
  5. For individual students and groups of two people, lessons can be rescheduled if two working days' notice is given. In the event you fail to give two working day's notice we reserve the right to charge you for that lesson.
  6. Rescheduled lessons are limited to one third of the total tuition lessons booked for individual students, or two lessons for groups of two people. A rescheduled lesson cannot be further rescheduled.
  7. It is not possible for groups of three or more people to reschedule lessons.
  8. For individuals, or groups of two students, rescheduled lessons that could not be fitted in between the original start and end dates may be taken within a four week period immediately after the contract end date but the tutor and timetable may be changed by the Alliance Française de Londres at its absolute discretion.
  9. The Alliance Française de Londres must be notified if a student will be more than 30 minutes late for a lesson, otherwise the lesson is considered cancelled and cannot be rescheduled and will be charged for.
  10. A contract cannot be cancelled after the start date. However, if you elect to cancel your booking in writing any time more than 5 working days before the start date then only 10% of the invoiced fee is payable.
  11. Tuition can be interrupted, and suspended, for a period of up to 3 months if applied for in writing (e-mail) with at least 5 days’ advance notice.
  12. The Alliance Française de Londres will make all reasonable efforts to deliver the tuition and lessons as advertised. However, the Alliance Française de Londres must arrange its resources efficiently and shall be entitled to make reasonable changes to the timetable, location, number of classes and/or the tutor teaching the course.

Your confirmation of the booking (whether by email, by telephone or in writing), and continued attendance at the lessons booked, shall constitute your acceptance, and continued acceptance, of these terms and conditions.

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