Our small group day and evening classes are the ideal way to learn French.

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Each term you can choose from four course types:

  • Once a week: one level over 12 weeks. You need to find one free slot in your busy week.
  • Twice a week: one level in 6 weeks (and so two levels in a 12 week term if you take consecutive courses)
  • Intensive: one level in 2 weeks (and so potentially 6 levels in a 12 week term. Themost immersive choice.
  • Saturdays: one level in 12 weeks but at a more liesurely pace.

There is no VAT on our fees and a course book with accompanying CD andaccess to our online resources is free. We use the five volume Alter Ego series, which takes you from complete beginner to advanced level. The book was written by Alliance Française teachers in Paris and is the ideal text for the Alliance Française method which follows the recommendations of the Common European Framework for Languages.

Twice a week courses

Duration: 6 weeks

Days: Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday
(The days depend on level and enrolments)

Course fee: £305

Class times:

Afternoons 1.30 pm to 3.45 pm
Evenings 6.15 pm to 8.30 pm 

Course dates:

17 September to 25 October 2018
29 October to 6 December 2018

14 January to 21 February 2019
25 February to 4 April 2019 *

23 April to 26 May 2019
28 May to 11 July 2019*  

* There are no classes on Mondays 22nd April, 6th May and 78th May. Instead they take place on the following Fridays: 26th April,10th May and 31st May.

2 week Intensive courses

Duration: 2 weeks

Days: Monday to Friday

Course fee: £305

Class times:
Mornings: 10.00 am to 12.45 pm
Afternoons: 2.00 pm to 4.45 pm

Course dates:

17 September to 28 September 2018
1 October to 12 October 2018
15 October to 26 October 2018
29 October to 9 November 2018
13 November to 24 November 2018
26 November to 7 December 2018

End of Term special – Complete one level in 1 week!
10 December to 13 December 2018
10.00 am to 1.00 pm & 2.00 pm to 5.00 pm

14 January to 25 January 2019
28 January to 8 February 2019
11 February to 22 February 2019
25 February to 8 March 2019
12 March to 23 March 2019
25 March to 5 April 2019 ***

22 April to 3 May 2019*
6 May to 17 May 2019*
20 May to 31 May 2019*
3 June to 14 June 2019*
17 June to 29 June 2019
1 July to 12 July 2019

* There will be no classes on Monday 22nd April, Monday 6th May and Monday 27th May. The time will be made up by adding extra time to the remaining lessons.

Once a week courses

Duration: 12 weeks


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday*.
Friday: morning classes only

* Course days & class times vary depending on level and enrolments

Course fee: £305

Class times:

Mornings 10.00 am to 12.15 pm
Afternoons 1.30 pm to 3.45 pm
Evenings 6.15 pm to 8.30 pm

Course dates:

17 September to 7 December 2017

14 January to 5 April 2019*

23 April to 12 July 2019*

* There are no classes on Mondays 22nd April, 26th May and 31st May. Instead they take place on the following Fridays: 26th April, 10th May and 31st May.

Saturday morning courses

Longer classes for a more leisurely pace

Duration: 12 weeks

Course fee: £355

Class times: Mornings 10.00 am to 12.45 pm 

Course dates:

22 September to 8 December 2018

19 January to 6 April 2019 **

** Because there will be no class on Saturday 31st March (Easter week-end) the time will be made up by adding 15 minutes to the other classes which therefore start at 9:45 am. 

27 April to 13 July 2019 ***

*** There will be no classes on May Bank Holiday week-ends.

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During the Winter Session, our level 5g students will read the novel D’après une Histoire Vraie , by Delphine de Vigan.

Delphine de Vigan is a contemporary French writer whose breakthrough work No et moi (2007) won several prices and was translated into twenty languages.  This novel is still being read & studied by many students in English schools today.

In 2011, her novel Rien ne s'oppose à la nuit (Nothing holds back the night) won several French literary prizes, including the prix du roman Fnac and the Prix Renaudot des lycéens.

In 2015, she won the Prix Renaudot and Prix Goncourt des Lycéens with D’après une Histoire Vraie, a chilling novel about an obsessive female relationship that keeps readers intrigued until the very end.

The narrator is a writer named Delphine; she lives in Paris with her two teenage children, is in a relationship with a well-known journalist, and has recently achieved success with an autobiographical novel about her family, resulting in strained relationships with relatives who did not welcome the exposure.

Overwhelmed by the huge success of her latest novel, exhausted and unable to begin writing her next book, Delphine meets L., a woman who fascinates her; a woman with smooth hair and perfect nails, and a gift for saying the right thing. Delphine finds herself irresistibly drawn to her and L. becomes more and more involved in Delphine's life until she patiently takes control and turns it upside down: slowly, surely, insidiously…


 “De Vigan’s story offers an unashamedly intellectual yet gripping exploration both of intense female friendship, and of our relationship to our own narratives. The question of who has the power – or the right – to tell someone’s story is not one that is easily resolved.”
The Guardian

“The novel casts a spell of enchantment: there's always some new anxiety or fear to make the mind wonder – just what the hell is going on? ... Just don't peek ahead! The very last word will make you rethink everything you've just read. Utterly brilliant” –  Spectator

Based on a True Story hit the exact right note: frighteningly honest, precise and thrilling” –  Observer

If Simone de Beauvoir had written Single White Female with nods to Marguerite Duras, the result might be something like this latest Gallic grip-lit sensation” –  Joanna Briscoe, Guardian




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