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Are you looking to develop your French to boost your employability or advance your career? Learning French is a great career move: France is one of the UK’s biggest trading partners, and French is the second language of many international organisations and spoken on all five continents.  

Adapted to the realities of the business world, these courses are for professionals who wish to improve their level of French in a professional context.

Once you have completed one of our professional French courses you may like to consider  taking the Diplôme de Français Professionnel to certify your knowledge. See exams page.

Once a week courses

Duration: 12 weeks

Course fee: £330

Class times:

Evenings 6.15 pm to 8.45 pm
(Days depend on enrolments and levels)

Course dates:

18 September to 8 December 2017

15 January to 6 April 2018 *

16 April to 6 July 2018*  

* There are no classes on Mondays 2nd April, 7th May and 28th May. Instead they take place on the following Fridays: 6th April,1th May and 1st June.

Saturday morning courses

Duration: 12 weeks

Course fee: £365

Class times: Mornings 10.00 am to 12.30 pm 

Course dates:

23 September to 5 December 2017

20 January to 7 April 2018 **

** Because there will be no class on Saturday 31st March (Easter week-end) the time will be made up by adding 15 minutes to the other classes which therefore end at 12:45. 

21 April to 7 July 2018 ***

*** There will be no classes on May Bank Holiday week-ends.

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